Lab Equipment Cart

SYNERSYS Lab Equipment Cart

Analytical Equipment often demands specials requirements and dedicated workspace. Each equipment is unique on its own, so Synersys Lab equipment carts are customized to meet these unique requirements. 
These equipment cart are often designed for equipment of Agilent, Shimadzu, PerkinElmer, Waters, Themor, Sciex and more. Accompany accessories like Autosampler, Dilution System, Robotics can also sometimes demand for its own cart.


Utility Mobile Table
Phenolic | Epoxy Resin | Granite | Solid Timber | Laminate Plywood | Polypropylene PP | Stainless Steel 304 | Stainless Steel 316
Welded H.S. Mild Steel/ Stainless Steel with Epoxy powder coated finish leg support 25x25mm | 38x38mm | 50x50mm | 76 x 38mm & more...
Drawers | Doors | Shelves | Sound Enclosure for compressor, Pump | Ventilated Compartment | Chiller Compartment | LC Waste cabinet | H2 Generator Cabinet | Diluent tank cabinet
Heavy Duty Rubber Stopper | Castor Wheel w/ leveling | Heavy Duty Castor Wheel
Mounted Electrical Socket | Vacuum Pump Dolly | Gas Tapping Points | Compressed Air Gun | Utility Clamps | Pegboards & more...