Modular Frame System

SYNERSYS Modular Frame Furniture

Introducing our innovative Modular Frame Furniture, a solution for modern laboratories. Its free-standing metal frame structure ensures stability without the need for extra support, optimizing space effortlessly. With easily accessible service areas and adaptable cabinet designs—whether SuspendedFree-standing, or Mobile—it offers convenience and flexibility. 

The cabinets, available in various combinations, cater to individual needs, striking the perfect balance between flexibility and strength. Customize with ease to create a high-performance laboratory setup tailored to your unique requirements.


Furniture Design
- C frame or H Frame leg support structure
- Mobile castor wheel or Mounted with rubber stopper
- Suspended / Mobile / Freestanding underbench Cabinets
Casework: Steel
- Fully Welded Construction
- Cold Rolled Steel 1.0mm thick construction & notched formed and bent to one rigid carcass
- Cabinets Chemically cleaned & degreased
- Epoxy powder coating between 50 to 80 microns for good chemical & scratch protection
- Double panned door / drawer panel filled with sound deadening core
- Door hinges made of heavy duty 304SS knuckle butt hinge
- Drawer slide on full extendable telescopic slider
- Handles either SS pull type or recessed typed
- Toebase lined with PVC coved moulding
Casework: Wooden
- 18mm thick Solid Plywood
- External Surface Laminated with 0.8mm thick plastic lamination
- Internal surface to be laminated with white Polykem or colored PVC
- Door/drawer Edging with ABS trim
- Door hinges and slides feature soft closing
- Handles to be aluminium full grip profile type for full length of drawer / door panel
- Epoxy Resin
- Phenolic Resin
- Stainless Steel 306
- Stainless Steel 316
- Ceramic
- Polypropylene
- Laminated Plywood
Underbench Cabinet
Drawers, Doors or combination. Various sizes available (450mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1,000mm etc.)
- Electrical Sockets and trunking
- Water Sink, faucet or DI Water Outlet
- Gas Fixture (N2, Air, He, O2, CO2 etc.)
- Data/Telephone point
- Drying rack for beakers/test tube
- Safety Eye wash
- Emergency Shower Station
- Dilution tank
Cabinet Height
- 650mm to 900mm (Varies for Suspended, Mobile and Free-standing)
Cabinet Width
- 450mm (single column)
- 750mm (double column)
- 900mm (double column)
- 1,000mm (double column)
- Other Sizes available
- Aluminium Recess handle
- Stainless Steel Wire Pull Handle
PVC couving available below base cabinet for protection and prevent dust and
water from sipping underneath


Casework and Cabinets options examples

Mobile Cabinet

Mobile Drawer and Door Cabinet combinations provide good mix of storage for small consumables and large accessories

Suspended Cabinets

Knee space with apron offers located sitting area for lab users or estate to place equipment like Vacuum pump, Dishwasher etc.

Sink Cabinet

Sink cabinets are critical for washing of lab glasswares and good lab practice for hand rinsing. Under sink provide plentiful space for washing tools

Mobile Drawers

3 or 4 tiers drawers allow ample compartmentation of various lab tools and consumables and easy organization

Wall Hung Cabinet

Wall-hung cabinets offers efficient and organized workspace. The elevated position optimizes desk space, creating a cleaner and more open lab environment.

Flammable Cabinet

Under counter Flammable cabinet not only provide a safe storage for your flammable liquid but utilise existing bench space minimizing the need for extra floor space

Acid Cabinet

Under counter Acid cabinet is pivotal to a safe and organized lab, also promote clutter-free workspace for preventing accidental corrosive spillage


Adjustable shelves available on wall or island bench all the flexibility of lab users to adjust height to suit its needs