Gas Fittings & Accessories

SYNERSYS Gas Fittings & Accessories

In the world of laboratories, our high purity gas fittings and accessories ensure precise and reliable operations.  Exceeding regulation of low contaminants  and leak-free, these fittings guarantee accurate analysis especially when using sensitive equipment like GC-MS, LC-MSMS, ICP-MS which performs analysis down to PPB, PPT or PPQ level.

We believe in simplicity, recommending fewer fittings to avoid weak points. We suggest efficient solutions, prioritizing simplicity over unnecessary complexity for a secure and robust gas connection.

Importantly, our well-stocked warehouse ensures fast turnovers, providing a reliable supply for uninterrupted laboratory work. Explore our gas fittings for straightforward, safe, and efficient solutions.


Gas Accessories examples

Change Over System

Auto or Semi Auto system, effortlessly switch between cylinders, ensuring continuous operation. With built-in vent system to ensure safety for the user and user operating features make it reliable and safe choice to ensure constant gas supply

Cylinder Regulator

Available in Single and Dual stage varieties, facilitate direct usage of gas from the cylinder by stepping down to a reliable pressure. Built-in safety features and a pressure gauge ensure peace of mind, emphasizing safety in gas handling.

Line Regulator

Line Regulator offers precise control within lower pressure ranges, refining gas pressure to a safe and usable rating before reaching your lab instrument. This ensures protection against potential damage, providing a crucial safeguard for delicate equipment.

Gas Detectors

Dedicated Gas Detectors swiftly identify and alert when thresholds are exceeded or hazardous gases are present. With real-time monitoring, these detectors offer an immediate response, prioritizing the well-being of lab occupants.

Alarm System

Customized and ready-made Alarm Panel delivers crucial visual and audio feedback, providing real-time information on gas supply levels or detecting alarms. Empower users with immediate data to make informed decisions, ensuring a proactive approach to safety.

Tee Joint

Available in various materials, thread and size. Tee Joint allow branching of high purity gas to additional points within the lab

Nut & Ferrule

Available in various materials, thread and size. Nut & ferrule set are crucial pairing for secure and leak-free gas connections.


Available in various materials, thread and size. A single reducer help to eliminate multiple adapter, streamlining the connection process of two different sizes


Available in various materials, thread and size. Connectors play a crucial role to link NPT fittings to tubing securely with nut and ferrule


Available in various type, materials, thread and size. The precision engineered valves serve to provide secure shut-off and precise control gas flow


Available in various type, materials, thread and size. Elbow fitting allow for smooth directional change in gas system and connectivity


Available in various type, materials, thread and size. Union serve as a crucial connector allow for easy disassembly and reassembly of gas line.