Walk-in Fume hood

SYNERSYS Walk-In Fume Hood

A typical fume hood serves to safeguard users by enclosing their workspace and extracting hazardous chemical fumes. However, in cases involving taller, larger, or floor-mounted equipment, standard fume hoods may not be capable.

Our Walk-in fume hood is specifically engineered to maximize workspace while accommodating larger and taller equipment within a secure environment. It is designed to isolate individual work processes within a larger area, effectively preventing cross-contamination between different applications. These enclosures offer an ideal solution for removing fumes, dust, vapors, and odors generated by oversized machinery or applications that surpass the capabilities of benchtop fume extraction solutions.


External Wall
- Cold rolled steel, chemically wash, clean and epoxy powder coated (oven baked) finishes – chemical resistance.
Internal Liner & Baffles
- Chemical and heat resistance phenolic resin liner material c/w side maintenance gasketed access window panel.
- Safety laminated glass, counter balance design with sash slides on PVC sash guide for smooth effortless operation using chain/sprocket mechanism
Lighting & Electrical Fixture
- Hood interior illuminated by 2 fluorescent lights fitted above fume hood superstructure to provide a bright, non-glare working area.
- 4 x 13amp dual socket outlets.
- Individual light and fan switch for lighting and exhaust fan on/off operation, mounted at the front side vertical facias of fume hood.
- All wiring/ electrical components concealed within double wall construction
Service Fixture
- Optional PP oval drip cup come with water epoxy powder coated fixture
- 2 x Aerodynamic Fascia posts (left/right)
- 1 x water remote front control valve
- 1 x Gas remote front control valve
Special Fumehood type
- Vertical/ Horizontal/ Combination Sash fume hood;
- Walk-in fume hood
- Teaching fume hoods
- Polypropylene fume hood
- Fume hood with scrubber system
Inner Liner
- Phenolic Resin
- Stainless Steel 306
- Stainless Steel 316
- Polypropylene
- Fire Rated Polypropylene
- Epoxy Resin
- Phenolic Resin
- Stainless Steel 306
- Stainless Steel 316
- Polypropylene
- Fire Rated Polypropylene
Base Cabinet
Option of General storage, Acid cabinet or Solvent Cabinet combination
- Compressed Air (Air Gun option)
- Nitrogen (N2)
- Oxygen (O2)
- Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (Manifold Option)
- Distilled water (DIW) (Dispenser gun option)
- Vacuum
- Option of Ex-Proof lighting, switches, sockets etc.
- Option of low flow alarm monitoring system.
- Option customized control system (i.e. Emergency Isolation Control System; Variable Air Volume (VAV) System c/w venturi valve; Emergency Fire Extinguishing System
Models SYN1200-WI SYN1500-WI SYN1800-WI SYN2400-WI
Ext Dimension (mm)
1200 (W) x 900 (D) x 2350 (H)
1500 (W) x 900 (D) x 2350 (H)
1800 (W) x 900 (D) x 2350 (H)
2400 (W) x 900 (D) x 2350 (H)
Volumetric Flow
V = 0.5m/sec & Sash
opening height 457mm
1,245 CMH
1,625 CMH
2,000 CMH
2,760 CMH
Standard Compliance

ASHRAE 110-95


6mm thick Safety laminated glass and counterweight balance

Inner Liner & Baffle

6mm thick Chemical and heat resistance Phenolic resin liner

Power Outlets

4 x 13 Amp (dual gang), 240 V