Gas Cabinet

SYNERSYS Gas Cabinets

Gas Cabinets not only house the gas cylinder but goes beyond to ensure the safety for a lab environment.

When dealing with Toxic gas, Flammable gas, Corrosive gas and explosive gas, Synersys offers local made and imported ready-made cabinet solutions. Often house with suitable gas detector and alarm, gas cabinet also provide the necessary accessories to provide safety and functionality to the users


Gas Cabinet Options
Steel (30/60/90mins Fire Rating) | Laminated Wood | PP | Aluminium | Stainless Steel
Storage Size
1 - 4 Cylinder
Gas Detector | Alarm Panel | Low Flow Alarm | Cylinder Bracket | Gas Panel | Exhaust Port | Self Closing Door | Key & Lock | Scrubber
Cabinet Type
Hydrogen | Ammonia | Acetylene | Carbon Monoxide | CNG | Flammable | Chlorine | SO2 | SiCl4 | HF & more