Laboratory Furniture

Design Types

The Base Mounted design employs robust and high-quality cabinets as its foundation. On its top, it features a chemical-resistant worktop for a fully functional workspace. Its modular design allows for potential reconfiguration of the lab layout in the future making it an ideal and economical choice

The Frame design furniture enables the creation of a structured and robust bench, ensuring longevity even under heavy use and able to withstand heavy equipment. Its ample space below provides flexibility for users to choose between suspended, floor-standing, or mobile cabinets, allowing for easy customization according to their preferences.

Mobile bench are useful for labs with dynamic layout or requires change in layout according to its applications and experiment. Its flexibility and mobility allows equipment to be mounted during transportation or reconfiguration. Typically paired with mobile cabinets below, Mobile design offers unparalleled flexibilty

Base Mounted Bench

Balance Table

Utility Mobile

Modular Frame Bench

Lab Equipment

Gas Fittings

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